Shimmering Shimla: An Exotic Hill Station Which Can Be Your Next Vacation Destination

Are you a real nature lover who enjoys attending the mountain’s call? For this, you don’t need to spend a considerable amount of money for visiting any foreign hill station. Shimla, which was once the ‘summer capital of British India’, can serve your purpose perfectly. It is situated in the north of India and is often considered the gateway to the gigantic Himalayan as it is situated on the southwestern ranges of the Himalayas. Apart from being the capital of Himachal Pradesh, it is also one of the most amazing and tourist-satisfying hill stations. The verdant cedar forest commands spectacular views of mist-covered mountains, colonial-time buildings, and bustling markets add more grandeur and attraction to it. If you want to add it to your travel bucket list, don’t forget to gather some information about the significant hotels in Shimla.

During the colonial period, Shimla was the summer capital of India. The peaceful and serene and quiet nature of Shimla can easily give you a short relief from the hustle and bustle of cities. It not only attracts the people of India but also foreigners in order to enjoy the magnificent views of hills, mystical charm and incredible natural beauty of Shimla. A simple walk on the road of Shimla surrounded by pine and oak forest can give you the most pleasing experience.

 The uniqueness of this hill station lies in its colonial-style buildings, green hills with snow capped peaks, spectacular natural bounty, and dense forests of oak and pine trees. All these things have made this place a ‘muse’ for all nature lovers. One can also find different types of hotels in Shimla in abundant numbers according to your budget. No matter whether you are looking for a perfect holiday destination with family or for a couple, you can easily choose Shimla.

Which time is best for visiting Shimla? 

If you want to visit Shimla, the best time will be from March to June. During this time, the weather remains very pleasant which will let you explore the city to the fullest. This time also offers you the maximum chances of keeping engaged in outdoor activities. The average temperature during these months remains between 15-30 degrees C. If you want to experience snowfall, you must visit Shimla during winter. But I never plan to visit Shimla during Monsoon. 

Why is Shimla different from any other hill station in India? 

Shimla is blessed with calming green hills with snow-capped peaks. Here the exquisite natural beauty is combined with the outstanding structures made during the colonial era. Shimla is carrying its own colonial heritage in its grand old buildings like the stately Viceregal Lodge. The charming iron lamp posts and Anglo-Saxon names are also bearing its colonial identity. The availability of luxurious as well as budget-friendly hotels in Shimla in large numbers can make your tour easier and more pleasant. 

Apart from all these things, there are also countless things that make this hill station famous to nature lovers. Here we have tried to focus on those special things that make it a worth visiting place. 

  • Shimla has a deep historical value. Most people know Shimla as one of the most well-known summer capitals of British India. But apart from this it also holds another identity. The decision to divide India into two parts during the time of independence was taken here. 

  • The climate of Shimla is really pleasant. The temperature remains soothing throughout the whole year. Being located in the Himalayan range, Shimla is comparatively cooler than the plains. That is why a large number of tourists prefer to visit Shimla. People from northern parts of India often visit Shimla during their weekends. 

  • The short train journey from Shimla to Kalka can feel your memory with unforgettable moments. This journey may take nearly six hours, but it will surely fill your heart to the brim. The train ride includes 107 tunnels and several bridges. It is really hard to explain this journey in words. 

  • If you want to energize your taste buds, then Shimla can offer you the best. Here you will find everything that can satisfy your taste buds. The significant hotels in Shimla also provide different types of tasty foods to tourists. One can get everything starting from lip-smacking Indian curries to continental delicacies and influential oriental cuisines. If you are a foodie person, Shimla will never make you disappointed. 

  • Shimla can be called a paradise for shopping lovers. Be it woolen winter wear or local street clothes, one can find everything here on a cost-effective budget. The mesmerizingly decorative wooden handcrafted pieces will simply make you overwhelmed. To get good quality wooden items, one must visit the famous Lakkar Bazaar. At the end of your shopping don’t forget to taste the most acclaimed ‘Sita Ram’s Chole Bhature’.

  • You must visit the Viceregal Lodge which is situated on the Observatory hills in Shimla.  It was built in 1888 as one of the living places of the British viceroy of India. It is one of the most famous places in Shimla that you should visit. 

  • Apart from all these above-mentioned points, one of the prime attractions of Shimla is the snowfall. During the snowfall, the city becomes exquisitely beautiful and serene. There are few things in this world that can be compared to the beauty of Shimla during snowfall.

  • To explore the ole heritage sites of Shimla, the best way is simply walking. If you are fond of history, it will give you immense pleasure.

Ash hotels will help you to find the best hotels in Shimla

No matter whether you are planning to visit Shimla or any other hill station, your tour planning remains incomplete until you book a good hotel. If you find it difficult to get a good hotel in Shimla, you can take the assistance of Ash Hotels. Through the website of Ash Hotels, you can find out countless hotels that can provide you with the right solutions to lodging problems. With their assistance, you will be rightly able to find one of the best hotels in Shimla.


  1. What are the transportation options available to go to Shimla? 

There are many options available to you to reach Shimla. You can reach there by train, by air and by road. The option of a toy train is also available. Jubbarhatti airport is the only nearest airport to Shimla that you need to reach first. It is 23 kilometers away from Shimla. You can take any plane from any one of the airports in India and you can get off there.  If you want to reach Shimla, it is one of the easiest options.   If you choose the train line to reach Shimla. You need to get off at Kalka Railway station. From there you can take a taxi or a toy train. Shimla is well connected to the other parts of the city with the help of many roads. So, you can also reach Shimla by bus or taxi. You can choose anyone among these options depending on your preferences. 

  1. What are some of the top tourist attractions in Shimla, and how much time should I plan to spend there?

Shimla is primarily known for its exquisite scenic beauty and historical value. There are several spots in Shimla that attract tourists throughout the whole year. They are Mall Road, The Ridge, Jakhu Temple, Kufri, Shimla State Museum, Annandale etc. The time span of your visit entirely depends on your interest and how many days you have left in order to complete your tour. If you only want to cover the main tourist spots of Shimla, generally you need 2-3 days. You may need to stay for a longer time if you want to visit the surrounding areas or experience some outdoor activities. 

  1. What are some of the popular local dishes to try in Shimla, and where can I find them?

You will find different types of foods in Shimla that can satisfy your taste buds. Some popular dishes of Shimla are Chha Gosht(one kind of spicy mutton curry), Siddus (a bun stuffed with potatoes and vegetables), Dham(a conventional Himachali meal that includes rice, lentils, curries, and desserts,), Babru(a snacks item made with black germ and spicy stuffing and fried deep in oil), Sepu Vadi(a special dish made with spinach and gram flour), Tudkiya Bhath (a special dish made with rice and local spices, potatoes, and peas)almost all these items are available in the restaurant or you can get them from the local food vendors at Shimla. 

  1. How can I ensure the safety of myself and my belongings while traveling in Shimla? 

Exploring Shimla can be really exciting only when you can ensure your safety along with your belongings. You should gather enough information about those places beforehand where you are going to visit. You must choose a safe and secure hotel to stay.  Don’t accept the proposal of sharing any means of transportation with a stranger.  Always keep your passport, cash, and credit cards in a safe place. Always keep trust in your instincts. Don’t carry a huge amount of cash. Keep your contact information updated.

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