Ideal places In Chennai That Will Provide You With A Romantic Getaway

If you think the charisma of the city of Chennai lies only in its tale of becoming Chennai from Madras, then it is partially true. This ancient city also includes a romantic magical saga which is too hard to avoid. It is regarded as one of the most romantic cities in India. Every aspect of this city, including Pristine beaches, enthralling boat rides, historic coffee joints, scintillating sunsets, theaters and restaurants, holds a romantic essence. The city comprises all the necessary elements of being a perfect destination for your dream date. So, to preserve romantic moments with your partner in a faraway place that can heal your soul, just come to Chennai. But before planning for a romantic getaway with your partner, never forget to check out the best budget hotels in Chennai.

Why is Chennai regarded as one of the best destinations for a romantic getaway? 

If anyone is asked what Chennai is famous for, then he or she will mention a  large number of things like ancient temples, vibrant arts, natural wonders and a bustling culinary scene etc. All of these are true, but what we don’t know is that this city is also famous for being one of the most visited states of India by newly marrieds. Here the couples will find countless exciting places that can offer a considerable number of romantic things to do. 

The city of Chennai is not only ideal for planning a honeymoon. It can also be your perfect destination for a romantic getaway with your loved partner. Apart from being a prominent city in India which is also a famous center of trade and commerce, it includes several places that will let you enjoy nature or indulge in a romantic encounter.  Here you will find many magnificent locations which are appropriate for couples and will also allow them to indulge in various fun activities. If you prefer the option of a relaxing outing with your partner, you can choose any prominent beaches and parks or uptown bistros. 

If you are in search of a romantic place where you can spend a little time with your partner, Chennai can be considered a hidden gem. The pristine beaches, funky cafes, museums etc will let you steal away some romantic moments with your partner and can make your trip unforgettable. It does not matter whether it is your honeymoon trip or just another common outing to spend some time together, Chennai has a lot of things to offer just for you. Also finding the best budget hotels in Chennai is quite easy if you know the right way and the right platform for conducting the search. Here we have listed down some of the must-visit places in Chennai with your partner in order to make it a very special outing for both of you. Check out these places before planning your trip to Chennai with your partner. 

Romantic places in Chennai that can give you the unforgettable experiences

  1. Marina beach

A gentle walk along the sea beach with your partner’s hand in yours along with enjoying the cool breeze and unending waves and roaring of the sea will be enough to make your trip memorable, isn't it? There are very few romantic things in this world that can be compared to the sight of the sun rising out of distant waters at dawn or melting down into the sea at dusk. You can enjoy all these things with your partner and also spend quality time with him or her at Marina Beach. In case of having enough time on your hands, you can also visit the lighthouse and the aquarium near the beach.

  1. Muttukadu Boat House, Chennai

Come to Muttukadu Boat House if you want to spend time with your partner in the backwaters. The choice to take boat cruises is the appropriate one. Powerboating, speed boating, and shared boating are all options. We advise renting water scooters for people searching for an adrenaline thrill.

  1. East coast road - a slice of heaven for the couples 

The road that connects Thiruvanmiyur and Mahabalipuram is known as East Coast Road. Apart from being one of the most visited and popular roads in India, it is also considered to be one of the best places for a couple’s visit. Driving through this road will reveal several temples, an artist’s village, a quaint beach, and some adventure parks and all these things will be enough to enjoy the best of all the worlds for a couple. You can find it easily with the help of the directions given by any one of the best budget hotels in Chennai

  1. Anna Zoological Park, Chennai

Vandalur, often referred to as Anna Zoological Park, was India's first public zoo. It is also one of the best modern zoos with scientific management. It has about 2300 animals on its 602 hectares of land, some of which are rare and endangered species. Here a date will be exciting as well as romantic, as you will get an entire day to explore the zoo. 

  1. Theosophical Society - the place that heals your inner soul 

If you  wish to find some inner peace in the lap of nature along with uninterrupted conversation with your partner, then you must visit the Theosophical Society. This bliss of nature is situated between the Adyar River and the coast. It will provide you with a free and peaceful stay in the lap of nature far away from the hectic schedule of city life. You can simply walk with your partner, watch and even take part in cultural performances. The option of spending some romantic moments under the historic 400 years old banyan tree is also a pleasing one. 

  1.  Besant Nagar Beach, Chennai

For getting a complete romantic getaway, you must try out Besant Nagar Beach, Chennai. As Besant Nagar Beach is much less busy than Marina, you may experience complete solitude. This urbanized version of the Marina has numerous cafes and eating places and numerous cafes and eating places in this urbanized version of the Marina. At the beach, you can stay all day without getting bored. In order to make sure that the date doesn't feel incomplete, you might also visit churches and temples close to the beach.

  1. Pulicat Lake, Chennai

Pulicat Lake is famous for being the second largest fresh and saltwater lake in India. But it is also famous for another reason which is nothing but its scenic beauty. You will hardly find any words if you want to describe the natural beauty of this place. Here you will get ample chances to spend quiet time in the companionship of your partner amidst the bliss of nature. Planning a day at Pulicat Lake will provide you with several exciting things including watching several types of birds with your partner in a serene natural atmosphere. 

  1. Dakshinachitra Museum - the perfect place for the art enthusiasts 

At Dakshinachitra, South India's cultural heritage is conveyed through crafts, performing arts, architecture, and folk art. It is a haven for those who love art and crafts and is situated on East Coast Road. If your better half is artistic, come here, take some pictures, buy a handcraft, and create some memories. There is just no arguing that it is an excellent location for couples in Chennai. You will also find several best-budget hotels in Chennai near it. 

  1. Semmozhi Poonga, Chennai

Visiting a botanical garden with your date could seem a little awkward at first, but it could end up being an amazingly romantic experience. On 20 acres of land, Semmozhi Poonga was constructed and contained rare plant species, aromatic herbs, and medicinal plants. Enjoy the day by strolling through this exotic flora and gazing at the man-made lake. 

  1.  Amethyst Cafe will ensure a perfect date for you 

Plan to eat at one of Chennai's romantic restaurants to sample some of the local cuisines.  Plan the ideal date with the one you love at Chennai's Amethyst Cafe after you've completed sightseeing. It is one of the most romantic restaurants in Chennai. Choose the ideal area in the cafe's garden or verandah, then enjoy the delectable treats this place has to offer while chatting with friends. You can also get flowers for your date from a nearby tiny flower shop. Come closer by allowing this cafe's lovely, haveli-like ambience.

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