Get Ready To Relish The Rain Showered beauty of Lonavala This Monsoon

Lonavala is a famous picturesque hill located in the lap of Sahyadri mountain which is 65 km and 80 km away from Pune and Mumbai. In case of having a strong inclination to enjoy the beauty of the misty mountain in Monsoon, one can easily plan a tour to Lonavala. It can become an exciting experience for those who love the deadly combination of misty mountains and monsoons. 

It can be a perfect hideaway for you in the coming monsoon. Lonavala has several things to offer to tourists, especially during the monsoon season. Although there is no certain time to visit Lonavala and tourists come here throughout the entire year, visiting this place in the rainy season can fill your mind to the brim. There are very few things in the world which can give you a heavenly experience and Lonavala in monsoon will give you that experience. But the thing that you should never forget is to book one of the best hotels in Lonavala to enjoy your trip seamlessly. 

Famous for its spectacular forts, lakes, and waterfalls, Lonavala is a hill resort in Maharashtra. Your soul will discover a peaceful and enjoyable experience that you probably haven't had before, far from the bustle of the city, in the midst of extreme tranquility. It is known as "the Jewel of Sahyadri" because of its gorgeous hills, rich vegetation, breathtaking waterfalls, serene lakes, and amazing falls. It is very famous among tourists. It's also referred to as the "city of caves." It has become one of the most popular destinations for travelers thanks to its distinctive combination of natural beauty, historical sites, and religious attractions. If you enjoy traveling, you will seriously love this place, especially in the monsoon. 

What is the speciality of Lonavala in Monsoon? 

Lonavala can be your next travel destination, located close to Mumbai or Pune, and it might provide you with a great deal of satisfaction. Khandala is the name of another well-known hill station that is close to Lonavala. Whether you're planning a weekend getaway, family vacation, business trip or honeymoon destination, both of these hill stations are excellent choices. Because of its high demand, all of the best hotels in Lonavala remain consistently full of guests throughout the year, regardless of the season. Even if you enjoy exploring new places, you shouldn't skip going to this particular one. 

You can explore the true essence of Lonavala in the rainy season. In monsoon, one can witness the breathtaking views of the verdant Western Ghats and Shirota Dam. If you love hiking or trekking, visiting Rajmachi Fort during Monsoon can give you a memorable experience. You may also find it exciting to ride their bikes up to the fort as it rains if you are an adventure freak. For people who wish to visit Lonavala during the rainy season, this location remains first on their priority list. 

After the ruthless summer season, you will feel the actual essence of the monsoon in Lonavala. If you want to heal your mind or wish to spend a little time in the lap of mother nature and want to relish its beauty with a cup of hot tea or coffee, then this may be the best time to visit Lonavala. If you are a city dweller and become restless with the hustle and bustle of the city and wish to get lost among the serenity of nature, then the weather in monsoon at Lonavala will be your perfect getaway destination. During this time the entire surrounding becomes more lively with beautiful lush greenery, and the lakes get filled up to the brim with rainwater adding more grandeur to it. 

In addition to stunning views, tranquil lakes, historical caverns, lush green valleys, and a diverse range of other features, this hill station is only a short drive from both major metropolises. It's a lovely sensation to be able to forget all your troubles and hectic schedule once you're allowed to unwind in the lap of nature. So, are you ready to take in the spectacular foliage and echoing valleys covered in raindrops? Are you thinking about finding a place for your stay that perfectly fulfills all your requirements? Don’t worry, you will find several best hotels in Lonavala and among them, you just need to choose one which will be perfect for you. 

What are the famous places of Lonavala that you must visit in the monsoon?

  1. You should not miss visiting Pawna Lake which remains accentuated by the greenery around it along with the smell of fresh, damp earth. It is something extraordinary that a large number of travelers don’t want to miss. Boating on the lake is another excellent option which can give you an absolutely wonderful experience. You can also go for the option of camping. The wonderful combination of sizzling barbeque nights, DJ sessions and party vibes can make your experience more refined. 

  2. Do you really want to get a heavenly experience? Then you must visit Tiger Point during monsoon. It will surely give you an exceptional heavenly experience that you can never forget. It is a wonderful cliff top with around 650 m deep valley and during the months of the rainy season, it remains covered with clouds. If you have already planned to visit Lonavala during monsoon, you must start your journey from here. 

  3. The beauty of Rajmachi Fort in monsoon will surely steal your heart with all its unique splendor. It will surely become a rare treat to your eyes. The exquisite beauty of the eye-stopping valley views and waterfalls that you will often experience on this trail, provide you with the perfect chance to get lost among the wonders of nature.  Even if you are not a nature buff, you can’t avoid it and can’t refrain from enjoying such a beautiful form of nature. 

  4. Your trip to Lonavala during the monsoon will remain incomplete without visiting Bhushi Dam. The splashy trip to Bhushi Dam will give you a wonderful experience. It is one of the major reasons why a large number of tourists don’t wish to miss this place. The scenic view of the overflowing water of the dam through the stairs will calm your eyes. It is a unique experience that you never want to miss if you are a true nature lover. You will get the right guidance about the location of the Bhushi Dam from any best hotels in Lonavala, in case of your need. 

  5. Tikona Fort can be your next destination if you want to visit Lonavala in the Rainy season. This fort, or what is left of it from its heyday, is made up of enormous entrances and buildings, and because of its shape—a triangle—it earned the name "Tikona." In addition to the breathtaking scenery, this place also boasts some unique features inside the fort. The most well-known ones among these are the Buddhist and Satavahana Caves, the Trimbakeshwar Mahadev Temple, and the functioning stone wheel that was once employed as a lime mortar.

  6. The Khandala Ghat viewpoints bloom like a flower in the season of Monsoon along with its magnificent waterfalls. If you want to experience a unique sunset, then you should choose this place. While you are on the trail, you may feel like the clouds are snuggling you. Here you may also get the feeling of walking above the clouds. If you are a selfie lover, then you should not miss the chance of taking several snaps that feeds your hunger for taking good selfies. 

Why should you book a hotel before visiting Lonavala? 

Lonavala is a very popular and well-known travel destination in India. As a result tourists rush to Lonavala throughout the entire year. Many people prefer to visit this place during monsoon which raises the demand for booking hotel rooms during monsoon. As it remains flooded with crowds throughout the whole year, you may not get a good place for staying here in the rainy season. So, if you wish to enjoy spending awesome holidays during the monsoon in Lonavala, it is necessary to book one of the best hotels in Lonavala. It will make your trip more secure, safe and convenient. 

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