Privacy Policy

Ash Hotels recognizes the importance of user privacy and confidentiality as a responsible data controller and processor. This policy outlines the practices for handling and securing user Personal Information across various channels. Information Collection: Personal Information includes user-provided details for registration, transactional history, usernames, passwords, contact details, and other relevant data for services offered by Ash Hotels. This may also encompass information from social media channels and third parties. Usage of Personal Information: Ash Hotels utilizes Personal Information for booking confirmations, transaction status updates, customer service communication, and personalizing website content. It may also be used for reviews, improvements, and special offers. Data Retention: Ash Hotels retains Personal Information for as long as necessary for specified purposes. Longer retention may occur for legal, regulatory, or accounting requirements. Cookies and Session Data: Ash Hotels uses cookies for personalized experiences, advertisement targeting, and session data logging for analysis of user behavior without personally identifying individuals. Sharing of Personal Information: Personal Information is shared with service providers and suppliers to fulfill bookings. Ash Hotels may also share information with affiliate entities for personalization and service efficiency. Disclosure of Information: Ash Hotels may disclose Personal Information as required by law, for business conduct, regulatory compliance, system security, or to protect its rights. User-Generated Content: Users can post reviews, ratings, and questions on Ash Hotels. User-generated content may be visible on other platforms, and profiles may be accessible to other users. Opting Out of Promotional Emails: Users can opt out of promotional emails by following the unsubscribe link in each email. Permissions for Mobile Applications: Ash Hotels's mobile app requires various permissions for effective functionality, such as accessing device information, camera, identity, location, SMS, phone, contacts, and more. Protection of Personal Information: Ash Hotels ensures secure payments using Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption. Strict security measures are in place to protect against unauthorized access.