The best places to visit in Alleppey

Alleppey is one of the most famous cities on the Laccadive sea in the state of Kerela. It is often regarded as ‘the Venice of the east’ for its pleasing backwaters. It is one of the significant places in Kerela famous for being interconnected with lakes and canals. The delightful boat cruises between Alleppey and Kollam will give you an unforgettable experience of watching the backwater life, fish farming, and boat building along with the chance to come closer to the rugged village life. Many tourists came to visit Alleppey for being an ancient centre of trade and commerce. There are several Best hotels in Alleppey that can make your tour more enjoyable. 

Places of interest in Alleppey 

If you have planned to spend your vacations in Alleppey, undoubtedly, you will be overwhelmed with the mesmerising scenic beauty, loads of fun and abundant adventures. Being the hub of backwater tourism, it is the home of many best hotels in Alleppey. With the help of a boat, you can explore the pristine beauty of Alleppey.  Here we have listed down some important places of interest which you should not miss while you are visiting Alleppey. 

  1. You should not miss visiting Mullackal, the Konkani Brahmin settlement which is famous for making sweets. The Bhagavathy temple is also located here. It will give you an unforgettable experience. The best attraction of Alleppey is the alluring beach. With the children’s park and the boating facilities, it will give you a wonderful experience. Another famous attraction is the old lighthouse and the 140 years old piers in the sea. You will find that a large number of the best hotels in Alleppey are situated here. 

  2. Alleppey is primarily known for its fascinating backwaters. You should not miss a houseboat cruise through the calm backwaters. You will be mesmerised to see the picturesque islands and charming villages with coconut groves and paddy fields. 

  3. Never forget to visit the R and QST block islands. It is a man-made island which stands below sea level. It is a favourite spot for food lovers as you will get delicious dishes made of crabs, prawns and different variety of fishes. It is a perfect place to calm your food cravings. Both on land and offshore you can easily find the Best hotels in Alleppey to make your trip more enjoyable. 

Ash hotel - find the Best hotels in Alleppey 

If you are visiting first time in Alleppey, don’t depend on anything else to get the best hotels in Alleppey. You should visit the website of Ash hotels. Here you will get favourable options depending on your budget. With our help, you will find the best hotels in Alleppey which will welcome you with warm hospitality.  Apart from that some of the hotels will offer you mouth-watering seafood along with bakery foods. 


  1. Is Alleppey a good place for shopping?  

It will be a pleasing experience for you to complete your shopping in Alleppey. Apart from being the home of the best hotels in Alleppey, it is also one of the best centres for shopping. There are several shops that can fulfill your shopping cravings. It is the prime centre for getting flavoursome Pepper and Spices like cloves etc. You will also find a number of gold or silver shops. If you are planning wedding shopping, you should not miss this opportunity.  You will also get fine muslin, copperware and bronze items. All the products are available according to your choice. You can also buy beautiful coir products and carpets. One can easily get them at a reasonable price. You can also buy doormats, rugs and mattresses. All these items are available in different shapes, colours and sizes. 

  1. What type of foods you should try in Alleppey? 

When you are visiting Alleppey, you should not miss the chance to taste the various seafood, especially the large variety of fish. You must try the original foods of Alappuzha cuisine. Along with non-vegetarian dishes, you will find many vegetarian dishes. You can taste Kappa (tapioca) with Karimeen Pollichathua which is pearl spot fish fry. The taste of Karimeen curry or prawns is also heavenly. You can visit the toddy shops for tasting incomparable and delectable fish curries and tapioca. These foods are a little bit spicy. You will also get several options for vegetarian foods. You can even visit the bakeries to taste the locally made biscuits or buns. 

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