Reasons Why Coorg Should Be Your Next Travel Destination

Coorg is an exquisitely beautiful hill town situated in western Ghat. it is called the ‘Scotland of India’, for its tranquil atmosphere, unique beauty, serene nature and abundance of wildlife. It can be literally called a paradise for nature lovers.  The presence of the misty mountains, green woody slopes, cascading falls,  tea, coffee and spice plantations, and dense tropical forests have added more grandeur to its natural beauty.  One of the famous things about Coorg is its world-class coffee. Another notable thing about Coorg is the ‘Kodavas’, the ethnic warrior people of Coorg. Coorg has gained a little importance as a tourist destination in recent times. But within just a few decades, it has become a paradise for tourists who likes to spend some days in the lap of nature.  It has become one of the most noteworthy tourist destinations in India. The enchanting natural beauty of Coorg attracts thousands of travellers each year. Coorg was renamed during the british period of rule in India. The old name of Coorg was ‘Kodagu’. So, if you are planning to visit Coorg you should not compromise your staying, you should always choose the Best hotels in Coorg. these hotels will be the best choice for you as they will give you the best-staying experience.  

The speciality of Coorg lies in its weather. It is noted for its calmness throughout the entire year. Moreover, the enchanting clear blue sky will give the tourists more pleasure. Coorg is the producer of the best quality coffee in the world. So, coffee lovers across the world prefer to visit this place for experiencing the process of making world-class coffee. Are you a coffee lover? Then you must visit Coorg for tasting the richest aromatic coffee. No matter whether you are a food lover, photographer,  nature lover or adrenaline junkie, Coorg can be the best destination for you irrespective of your purpose of visit. The winding roads of the city, green coffee plantations, pepper vines, crystal clear blue sky, lush green forests, the towery misty mountains, picturesque sceneries, and most importantly the Best hotels in Coorg, which give the tourists the best quality facilities, have made Coorg a complete package of travelling destination. This place is ideal, especially for spending vacations. You don’t need to spend your hard-earned money on visiting any foreign locations to get the real feeling of the bliss of nature. You can get it easily on Coorg. 

If you are a religious person, you can visit several temples, and monasteries located here and enjoy the cultural events. Apart from enjoying the outstanding natural beauty, it is also another thing which will make you really pleased.  If you are searching for a destination for a quick, comfortable and quiet weekend getaway, you should not miss visiting Coorg. You should make plans for visiting Coorg as early as possible.  But never forget that it is an extremely popular destination, you must book the Best hotels in Coorg. It will make your journey more comfortable. You must take care of this fact with little importance, otherwise, you may not get any place for staying here. 

The attractive features of Coorg that makes it a must-visit destination among the tourists 

Do you want to make your trip unforgettable? Then don’t miss Coorg. There are several reasons which will compel you to visit Coorg again and again.  They are listed below. 

  1. Located in the town of Madikeri the Raja’s seat is one of the most popular tourist destinations of Coorg which attracts countless travellers throughout the whole year.   It is one of the most famous spots of Coorg. The unique natural beauty and tranquil environment make the place really attractive to tourists. Although the word ‘ Raja’s seat,’ means the throne of the kings, the place is called so as this place is widely enjoyed by the kings of Coorg at the time of sunset and sunrise. You will get the necessary guidance to reach there from the Best hotels in Coorg. 

  2. If you are visiting with your family or friends you must visit the Nisargadhama forest park. It is basically a forest resort built on an Island. The entire area is controlled by the forest department of Karnataka. The forest is enriched with a large variety of flora and fauna. Here you can enjoy the elephant ride. There is a separate deer park and a rabbit park which will give you the utmost pleasure. It is not far from any one of the Best hotels in Coorg. 

  3. Are you a coffee lover? If not, then it also does not matter. Visiting the bright green coffee plantations will be a unique experience for you.  You can see the entire method of processing of the most flavourful and aromatic coffee and its entire journey starting from its growth to its way of reaching our cups. A leisure walk amid the coffee plantations will be a real treat to your five senses. 

  4. Do you like fun activities? Then you must visit the Dubare Elephant Camp. it is a must-visit place for you if you love animals. The forest department of Karnataka controls it directly. Here you will be allowed to play and take care of the elephants. You can even feed them. If you wish you can go for a ride with a trained and professional naturalist in the nearby jungles. If you want to know the must-visit spots from any staff of the Best hotels in Coorg, they will definitely advise you to visit this place. 

  5. Don’t forget to visit the breathtaking waterfalls and enjoy their outstanding beauty.  There are several waterfalls which will provide the utmost pleasure to your eyes. Another reason which makes Coorg one of the most attractive tourist spots is its magnificent waterfalls.  You can visit Abbey Falls, Chelavara Waterfalls, Iruppu Falls, and Devaragundi Falls and all of them will provide you with an enchanting experience. 

  6. if you visit the Golden Temple, you will experience a little slice of Tibet in Coorg.  No this won’t give you the extraordinary feeling of visiting that famous one in Amritsar, but it will be a great experience for you to make yourself familiar with different traditions. The Namdroling Monastery is called the Golden Temple of Coorg. Here you will get the opportunity of enjoying the original taste of the delicious thukpa and momos which are sold in the surrounding stalls. You can even get this from any of the Best hotels in Coorg, but if you want to get the original taste, you must try them. 

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  1. Why Coorg is called the paradise of nature lovers? 

Coorg is one of the best and most beautiful tourist spots in Karnataka. It is basically loved by tourists for its wonderful scenic beauty. The charming hills, the stunning cliffs, the lustrous coffee plantations, the picturesque waterfalls, the rich green forests, and the winding roads of Coorg city have made this place really incomparable. Apart from that, throughout the year, the weather remains pleasant and favourable which makes Coorg one of the most preferred tourist spots in India to visit. The presence of the best hotels in Coorg in large numbers has made it easy for tourists to stay here. 

  1. Is pre-booking necessary for getting the best quality hotels in Coorg? 

 If you are planning to visit Coorg you should not compromise your staying.  But never forget that it is an extremely popular destination, and countless people visit this place around the whole year. So it will be better if you make reservations in any of the best hotels in Coorg. It will make your journey more comfortable and allow you to enjoy the natural beauty of Coorg with less worry. You must take care of this fact with little importance, otherwise, it will be really tough for you to find any place for staying here. 

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