Come And Stay At The Best Hotels In Lonavala For An Unforgettable Experience

Are you a nature lover seeking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city? Then Lonavala is the perfect retreat for you to rejuvenate yourself. Located far from the chaos of the metropolitan cities of Mumbai and Pune, Lonavala city lies in the Sahyadri range of the ethereal Western Ghats. Lonavala is also known as the "City of Caves'', due to the presence of a large number of caves. Several caves and their ethereal natural beauty can blow away your mind. This hill station is completely covered with green valleys, caves, small lakes, streams, and stunning waterfalls. For example, you can visit Lonavala Karla caves, you can witness nature's true beauty. So what are you waiting for? Come and stay at the best hotels in Lonavala to enjoy Lonavala’s breathtaking beauty.

Lonavala is situated in the state of Maharashtra in western India. It is one of the most favoured tourist destinations in Maharashtra and in India as a whole. Its breathtaking natural beauty and its location near the Arabian sea attract thousands of tourists every year. This picturesque hill station is  96 kilometres east of Mumbai and 64 kilometres west of Pune. As a result of its location, it can be accessed from both Mumbai and Pune.

Why Visit Lonavala?

Lonavala is one such destination which can cater to all types of tourists all year round. With its breathtaking natural beauty, it can make anyone fall in love with it. In every season of the year, you will get to see a different face of Lonavala. But it's best if you visit Lonavala in the monsoon season. During the rainy season, you can witness the true beauty of Lonavala’s landscape and nature's stunning beauty. It almost looks like a photograph out of a calendar. Once you visit Lonavala you will want to visit again. Its natural beauty has the ability to attract tourists again and again. One time visit to Lonavala will not be enough for you. You will want to visit  Lonavala again and again. Furthermore, Lonavala is one such place in India which is a hill station located near the calm Arabian sea. So whether you are a mountain person or a beach person, Lonavala can give you everything that you need out of a vacation. From stunning waterfalls,  majestic caves, tranquil lakes, hills, and the calm Arabian sea, Lonavala can give you once in a lifetime memorable experiences. Apart from its natural beauty, Lonavala is also famous for its adventure sports like camping in the woods, and trekking. A journey to Lonavala and its adjoining hill station Khandala can make your trip worthwhile and complete. So rather than going to other places, first come to Lonavala. Once you visit Lonavala all the points on your bucket list will be marked. So pack your bags and come to Lonavala and stay at the best hotels in Lonavala to make your visit fulfilling.

While planning your visit to Lonavala, it's best if you book your accommodation beforehand. As it is one of the most favoured tourist destinations in India, Lonavala always stays in demand all year round. So to accommodate all kinds of tourists and cater to their needs, Lonavala has many types of hotels and resorts for you to choose from. From mid-range hotels to luxurious resorts and low-budget hotels, Lonavala can accommodate all kinds of tourists. However, you must select the best hotels in Lonavala to get the most out of your vacation. The best hotels in Lonavala provide excellent facilities and services to their clients. The management team of the best hotels in Lonavala makes no leaf unturned to make your stay at Lonavala memorable. They are incredibly skilled in providing the best service to their clients and will provide you with an experience that you will not be able to forget anytime soon. These best hotels in Lonavala also have the best view from their rooms. Whether you are looking for a mountain view or even a view of the calm Arabian sea, these best hotels in Lonavala can cater to all your needs. So choose the best place to stay in Lonavala according to your budget, location preference and your itinerary plans.

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Frequently asked questions

1. How many days are required for a trip to Lonavala?

Lonavala is the most favoured hill station in India. So if you are planning to visit  Lonavala, it is recommended to stay at least 5 days in Lonavala. This will allow you to cover all the major tourist places and the surrounding places of Lonavala.

2. Is Lonavala safe for tourists?

Lonavala is one of the most sought-after favourite holiday destinations in India. So yes, it is very safe for tourists. The crime rates in Lonavala are very low and the local authorities in Lonavala are very helpful. However as a tourist, you should be always very careful about your belongings and you should thoroughly check the reviews of the place that you are visiting either with your family, friends or even solo.

3. What is Lonavala famous for?

Lonavala is famous for its scenic natural beauty and for the candy chikki. It also serves as an important point on the route that connects Mumbai and Pune. Local trains run from Pune Junction to the Pune metropolitan towns. The Mumbai-Pune Expressway and the Mumbai-Bengaluru route pass through Lonavala.

4. Which is the best time to visit Lonavala?

Although you can visit Lonavala any time of the year. It is considered one of the most popular and favoured hill stations in India. But if you want to get the best of Lonavala then come and visit Lonavala in the monsoon season i.e from June to September. During the monsoon season. You can witness the stunning greenery of Lonavala and the beauty of small streams and lakes which remain full to their brim.  

5. What is the distance between Mumbai and Lonavala?

The distance between Mumbai and Lonavala is 96 km.

6. What is the distance between Lonavala and Pune?

The distance between Lonavala and Pune is 64 km.

7. How much does it cost to travel to Lonavala?

The answer depends on what is the mode of your transportation and from where you are planning to enter Lonavala. If you are travelling by cab from Mumbai then the one-way price from Mumbai to Lonavala is around INR 1925. And if you are planning to travel to Lonavala by train from Mumbai then it will cost around INR 45. If you are planning to enter Lonavala from Pune then the one-way cost can be INR 1500. Similarly, you can avail of train services to come to Lonavala.

8. What is the name of the nearest hill station near Lonavala?

Khandala is another favourite hill station of tourists close to Lonavala, which is also located in Maharashtra's western ghats region. Its breathtaking ariel view of the town Khapoli and Duke's Nose from tourist points like Amrutanjan Point will make your visit worthwhile. Other prominent places like Bhushi's Lake, and Tiger's Leap also contribute to Khandala's immense beauty and popularity as a hill station near Lonavala and it is a must-visit place if you are going to Lonavala.

9. Is there any entry fee to enter  Lonavala?

Well no. But for certain tourist places in Lonavala, you have to get an entry ticket. For example, if you plan on visiting the Wax Museum or the Karla cave then you have to get an entry ticket to see these places.

10. What is the fastest way to reach Lonavala?

The fastest way to reach Lonavala is by train.

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