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Delhi is the capital city and one of the most popular destinations in India. Located on the banks of the Yamuna river is one of the cosmopolitan cities of India. It is undoubtedly one of the most incredible cities in India which can cater to all kinds of tourists. Delhi can offer so much in terms of culture, cuisine, modernity, history and architecture to its visitors. Tourists from across the world come to Delhi to get a glimpse of the rich culture of India.

Apart from being the capital city of current India, it is also one of the oldest serving capitals of the world. Delhi is also one of the oldest cities in India that have survived since the age of Mahabharata. Since the old time, Delhi has witnessed the rise and fall of many empires. A walk through the old lanes of Delhi will take you back to a different world. Majestic forts, tombs, mosques, temples, gardens, and British architecture will give a glimpse into the architectural splendour of the city. These historical architectural achievements are one of the major attractions of the city. So many best hotels in Delhi are located near these historical places to make it convenient for tourists.

Delhi has the perfect blend of the old and new world. Ancient landmarks surviving head to head with tall skyscrapers. Apart from historical attractions, Delhi has many other tourist attractions as well. For example, Delhi is famous for its cuisine and its shopping markets. It always remains on the top of the bucket list for any tourist coming to Delhi.

Plan your trip to Delhi in Advance

Delhi is one of the popular destinations in India. As a result the rush of tourists always remains high throughout the year. Also, Delhi is the capital city of India. So along with domestic tourists, the rush for foreign tourists also remains high. Hence it is always recommended to plan your trip to Delhi in advance. Otherwise, you might not get the best hotels in Delhi for your accommodation.

Although Delhi has all types of accommodation.Ranging from high-end hotels to budget hotels to dormitories. But as the rush of tourists remains high, there is a high possibility that you might not get your preferred accommodation, if you book them at the last moment. Additionally, the best hotels in Delhi always stay in high demand. So there is a high possibility that you might not get them if you try to book them at the last moment.

Choose the best hotels to stay in Delhi

Accommodation is a huge factor when it comes to your holiday planning. Especially if you are planning your holiday in Delhi. Delhi is one of the most sought-after destinations in India and abroad. So the rush of tourists in Delhi is always high. Moreover, Delhi has many historical attractions. So when you are planning to visit Delhi, always choose the best hotels in Delhi for your accommodation.

Staying in one of the best hotels in Delhi has many advantages. Firstly your accommodation will be very comfortable with several complimentary facilities like complimentary breakfast, free WiFi, round-the-clock room service, car services and so on. Secondly, many of the best hotels in Delhi are located near major historical places. This could be an added advantage to you. As you don’t have to travel long distances from your hotel to the tourist spots. As a result, this will save up your time, which you can utilise to explore activities in Delhi. So staying at one of the best hotels can make your holiday fulfilling and relaxing. Again as already said before, these hotels always stay in high demand throughout the year. So to get the best hotels in Delhi you must book them in advance.

Another important thing you should keep in mind is that you should check the reviews of the hotel before your accommodation. These days frauds are very common. So before finalising the hotel and investing your money, you should double-check the reviews. Oftentimes it is seen that the hotel management does not provide the services that they claim to do. So it is very important to check their reviews from other customers. By comparing the reviews you can decide which is the best accommodation for you. These days you can easily check the reviews of any hotel on various online platforms.

Ash Hotels - the best platform to find the best hotels in Delhi

Delhi is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India for domestic and foreign travellers. As a result, the rush for accommodation is also huge throughout the year. So looking for the right accommodation that comes within your budget and taste can be a daunting task. So if you are planning a vacation to Delhi and are seeking to stay at the best hotels in Delhi, Ash Hotels can help you out. Here you will get all the best hotels in Delhi in one place. This will save you precious time searching through different sites to find the best hotels in Delhi. They can assist you in making your search for the best hotels hassle-free and easier. Along with the list of best hotels in Delhi, you will also find reviews of the best hotels in Delhi. It will help you to get an insight into hotel management services. This will make your search easier. So when you are looking for accommodation in Delhi come to Ash Hotels.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is Delhi so famous for tourism?

Delhi is the capital city of India. So there are many top tourist places in Delhi. Also, it has three World Heritage historical monuments— Humayun's Tomb, Qutub Minar, and Red Fort. These architectural wonders have survived centuries since the Mughal empire. Thus these monuments attract most tourists from all over the country as well as foreign tourists.

2. What is the ideal time to visit Delhi?

The ideal time to visit Delhi is between the months of October to March. During these months the climate of Delhi is relatively better. So if you are planning to visit any time soon, try to avoid the summer seasons. During the summer season, the weather could be very harsh and dry and will be uncomfortable for tourists.

3. Is Delhi well connected?

Delhi is the national capital of India, so Delhi is extremely well connected.

4. Is one day enough to stay in Delhi?

Delhi is one of the favourite tourist destinations in India. Additionally, Delhi has numerous tourist spots. So it would be impossible to cover all the sites in a single day. Furthermore, all the tourist spots are scattered across the city. So it is recommended to spend at least 3 to 4 days in Delhi. This way you can cover all the major tourist spots of Delhi in a comfortable way.

 5. How far is the Taj Mahal from Delhi to Agra?

The Taj Mahal is in Agra and the distance between Agra and Delhi is approximately 221 KM

by road.

6. Why is Delhi the best place for vacation?

Delhi has several architectural monumental wonders such as Qutub Minar, Red Fort, Isa Khan's Tomb, India gate, Lutyens Delhi, Jama Masjid, parliament house and so many others. Exploring all of these famous tourist attractions make Delhi the most popular tourist destination in India.

7. Is Delhi safe for tourists?

Delhi is considered relatively safer for tourists. But like any other metropolitan city, crimes do occur in Delhi as well. So if you are a tourist and you are new to Delhi, it is better advised to not to wander off by yourself at night and always take care of your belongings properly.

8. What is the best way to travel around Delhi?

Delhi metro is the fastest way of transport in Delhi. All the corners of Delhi are connected by metro. Also, the fare of the Delhi metro is very reasonable. Although there are other transport modes in Delhi, the Delhi Metro is much more efficient and saves a lot of time.

9. What do I need to know before travelling to Delhi?

Delhi is one of the most favourite tourist destinations in India. So if you are planning to visit Delhi, it's best to get some things prepared to avoid last-minute confusion. They are:

  • Pre-book your accommodation

  • Get a local sim card if you are coming from outside India

  • Carry some cash because not all shops accept digital payments

  • Get some idea about the local markers from the internet

  • Buy a map, it will help you to navigate

  • Understand the Delhi metro-route

  • Always wear a mask

10. How to find the best accommodations in Delhi?

Ash Hotels is one of the best platforms for finding the best hotels in Delhi. Based on your preference, date and budget you can get the best hotels in Delhi at Ash Hotels.

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